Research and Development Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies

The R&D tax credit can be a valuable source of support for companies that participate in manufacturing. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the incentives or have misconceptions on what makes a company eligible, and miss out on the tax credits they deserve.

All manufacturing companies from firearms to aerospace should pursue R&D tax credits. There are a wide variety of manufacturing activities and production processes that are eligible, which can result in a significant tax credit.

Qualifying research expenditures include:

  • Wages of individuals performing, supervising, or assisting r&d activities
  • Cost of materials consumed in the development of prototypes and new products
  • 65% of payments to outside consultants
  • Partnership earnings
  • Schedule C profits

Examples of qualifying activities:

  • Innovating product development using computer aided design tools
  • Developing second-generation or improved products
  • Tooling and equipment fixture design and development
  • Designing innovative manufacturing equipment
  • Prototyping and three-dimensional solid modeling
  • Evaluating and determining the most efficient flow of material
  • Designing, constructing, and testing product prototypes
  • Performing alternative material testing
  • Increasing manufacturing capabilities and production capacities
  • Improving product quality and/or manufacturing processes

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