Research and Development Tax Credits for Engineering Companies

Engineering firms that provide design & build services, use new and innovative materials and technologies, and hire outside engineers and architects to assist with design, building and/or testing likely qualify for Federal and state research and development credits. This credit is a significant and useful resource for engineering firms. It can be a lucrative investment, and the dollar-for-dollar credit can help stimulate growth in your company.

Qualifying research expenditures include:

  • Wages of individuals performing, supervising, or assisting r&d activities
  • Cost of materials consumed in the development of prototypes and new products
  • 65% of payments to outside consultants
  • Partnership earnings
  • Schedule C profits

Examples of qualifying activities:

  • Developing alternative water flow/plumbing/electricity conduction systems
  • Developing or improving lighting within a structure
  • Developing or improving alternative ventilation/heating/cooling systems
  • Integrating product and material transportation systems into the functional design of the structure
  • Conducting environmental impact studies
  • Experimenting with new materials and technologies
  • Performing CAD modeling
  • Practicing design testing

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