Research and Development Tax Credits for Architecture Companies

Many architectural firms spend a large amount of time working on innovative solutions that qualifies for r&d tax credits. Architectural firms that engaged in innovative and unique development efforts likely have qualifying activities. In addition, architecture firms typically have excellent supporting documentation and records to substantiate their credits.

Qualifying research expenditures include:

  • Wages of individuals performing, supervising, or assisting r&d activities
  • Cost of materials consumed in the development of prototypes and new products
  • 65% of payments to outside consultants
  • Partnership earnings
  • Schedule C profits

Examples of qualifying activities:

  • Innovative or unique designs for various structures
  • Experimenting with the use of new or alternative materials
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) activities
  • The design and development of innovative or unique new LEED, energy-efficient, or “green” alternatives
  • Assessing design through various forms of modeling and computational analysis.

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